Improve Your Life

What is Life Energy?

At LoveLifeEnergy we seek to improve your quality of life through non-invasive, natural wellness. In doing so, we have created Life Energy. Life Energy regenerates the deficient cells in your body and restores them to homeostasis by creating the same pulsed electromagnetic fields found naturally on Earth. Providing your body with direct access without lifestyle or dietary changes.

Life Energy creation came when one of our family members suffered from a horrible accident. We were looking for alternative recovery and rejuvenation sources in speeding up the healing process. PEMF and surrounding technologies were not build and designed for individual use purposes and the ones available were extremely expensive. At this point, it was when we decided its time to change how PEMF devices are used and to make them available to the public. Your goal was to make Life Energy available to everyone by improving the quality of life around the world. Having a great deal of knowledge within electrical and electronics engineering, with over 30 years of research and practice, we invented and patented Life Energy.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields occur naturally throughout the Earth at different frequencies. The benefits of using and being surrounded by PEMFs are essential functions for all living organisms.

The challenges in today’s world are that we do not absorb as many beneficial PEMFs as we should. It is becoming more difficult because we are surrounded by dirty electricity or “electrosmog.” Electrosmog is caused by cell phones, microwaves, and many of the most commonly used wireless devices. Also, our way of life plays a role in the matter. With nearly 90% of our time spent inside shielded by concrete buildings, wearing rubber-soled shoes, and sleeping on isolated mattresses that block our exposure to this healthful resource produced by the Earth.


What to Expect and How How Life Energy Work?

Life Energy emits low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields passed through the body penetrating every cell, tissue, organ, and even bone without being absorbed or altered. As these fields are passed through the body, they stimulate most of the electrical and chemical processes in the tissues. Life Energy allows PEMFs to positively support cellular energy resulting in better cellular health and function.
The benefits of PEMF therapy assist in restoring your cells to their normal healthy state that it also makes your immune system stronger. It helps your body rid itself of impurities that toxify it and will speed up your recovery time without any side effects.

Life Energy was designed to be very simple to use. Simply plug it in! Life Energy automatically adjusts the frequencies providing peace of mind and eliminating doubts and uncertainties.

Life Energy is a supportive therapeutic device that generates magnetic Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF). It is an environmental device that generates the same type of energy that exists and is created by the earth. The magnetic frequency and intensity produced by the Life Energy changes based on light detention from our environmental sensor within every unit, similar to how Earth’s natural magnetic frequency changes as well. During the daytime, Life Energy provides a higher frequency to give the body more energy and a lower frequency at night to help the body relax and recover. The unit will automatically alternate between the frequencies and the intensity emitted to provide your body with the ideal amount of magnetic pulses for optimal absorption.


Why trust Life Energy?

Life Energy does not have any known negative side effects or health risks. It creates the same type of energy that is produced by the earth’s energy that we encounter on a daily basis – so your body is already accustomed to processing this magnetic force and using it to its advantage. Although Life Energy was designed to improve the quality of life naturally, it is not a medical device nor was it created to replace prescriptions or medical treatments provided by your doctor. You should always consult with your doctor before starting any regimens, including the use of PEMF devices.

Relax and Recover

How to use Life Energy?

What to expect when you receive your Life Energy unit and how to use it?

1. When you receive your Life Energy unit open the box and read the user manual
2. Plug the unit into any outlet
3. Once plugged into the outlet the unit will display a green light identifying it is on and operating regularly
4. Life Energy will begin emitting low-frequencies pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF). (For frequencies ranges, please view the technical specification tab)
5. For maximum efficiency, place Life Energy location where at least 6-8 hours daily are spent
6. Life Energy PEMF fields range from 1-15 feet in radius
7. Sit back and let Life Energy do all the work