Sleep quality and duration should be considered a vital sign, as they are strong indicators of overall health and quality of life,” said Kristen Knutson, Ph.D., National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America™.


Life Energy patented environmental sensor assists with most insomnia cases. In adapting the PEMF frequency to a perfect range allowing the body to absorb just the right amount of PEMF frequencies and reducing any physical discomfort. Finding the exact mix yourself can be challenging, Life Energy adjusts the PEMF frequency automatically using environmental sensors, proving you the peace of mind and relaxation desired. Life’s Energy environmental sensor acts by detecting the amount of light in your surroundings and setting the perfect stage you, and everyone in achieving the must want RAM sleep and minimizing body aches.


Unfortunately, sleeping for less than six hours a night is almost becoming a norm for the 21st century and is quite dangerous. Sleep disturbances have become the norm. From problems going to sleep, long awake hours during the night, and early awakening in the morning.


Insomnia now affects a considerable amount of the population, almost 20%, google it if you can’t believe that figure. Take the necessary actions now with Life Energy and avoid falling victim to Insomnia and allowing physical discomfort to play a role in your sleep cycle.