Counteract harmful frequencies from cell phones, microwaves, power lines, hair dryers, wireless signals.

  • There are forces unseen to the naked eye that plague our ability to live a healthy life daily. Although we have come far as a tech-savvy society, electrosmog is the product of our innovations. The harmful frequencies that are emitted from cell phones, microwaves, power lines, hairdryers, wireless signals, and so many other items we have incorporated into our lives play a significant role in the quality of life we are able to enjoy. These toxins are inescapable and have substantial effects on the body, draining our energy, and adding to our stress. It is virtually impossible to avoid these frequencies because they are all around us, every day and everywhere we are. What can we do to restore our systems from the constant and debilitating exposure to these environmental toxins that we have become so reliant on? LoveLifeEnergy can help.
  • There are multiple advantages that come from the daily use of magnetic field therapy through a device such as the Life Energy. The pulsed electromagnetic fields created by the LE can help protect the body from electrosmog by stimulating it into maintaining its healthy frequencies, making it more resistant to the effects of the electrosmog. By creating a more balanced environment within the body’s own cells, organs, and vital functions, PEMFs allow the body to sustain a more stable setting for proper working systems and processes to operate at the ideal level. Acting as a supplement, PEMFs help repair the damage done by uncontrollable variables in our lives such as electrosmog and pushes to maintain a state of being that allows for continued health and proper functioning to exist.
  • While there is no way to completely avoid the amount of electrosmog circling around us at any given moment, the PEMFs created by Life Energy can help keep your body ready to battle the effects of our society by providing it with the armor needed to guard against even the most harmful forces.