Your cells need to maintain a certain frequency to remain healthy.

  • A large percentage of the causes of sleep problems are not directly sleeping control related, so treatment of the body as a whole is recommended. Magnetic therapies relax muscles, improve circulation, and decrease stress, thus creating the optimum conditions for a great night’s rest. Several magnetic therapy studies have found that by treating the underlying conditions, sleep improves dramatically.
  • The cells within your body need to maintain a specific frequency to remain healthy. Environmental factors can decrease the frequency of cells. The natural electromagnetic pulse of the Earth, cell phones, computers, and other electromagnetic gadgets can interfere with the body’s natural frequency, causing cells to work at a decreased level of activity. PEMF therapy helps solve this issue by increasing the metabolism of the trillions of cells in the body, basically jump-starting their natural rhythm. This, in turn, helps your body cycle through a natural rhythm of energy and rest.
  • Healthy cells can remove waste, absorb nutrients, and produce the energy levels necessary for them to thrive and replicate. The cell wall, which encompasses all living cells within the human body, is what maintains the frequency of the cell as a whole. If the frequency drops too low, the cell cannot maintain a healthy level of function, resulting in a variety of problems, including sleeping disorders and the inability to sleep well. Life Energy can help your body sustain that balance to ensure more restful nights in which your cells may better be able to keep up with your body’s needs, instead of fighting to keep up with their own.
  • At LoveLifeEnergy, we understand how vital rest is for a productive and prosperous life, so we created our Life Energy to help you get better sleep in mind. As a safe, effective, and non-intrusive solution to your sleep problems, this one device can help you achieve the sound sleep your body needs with little to no effort required on your end.