Pain Relief & Treatment

Life Energy is a safe, viable pain relief option for many of the most common ailments we see throughout our society today, including lower back pain, knee pain, joint pain, sciatic nerve pain, and more.

Pain Relief

How do we perceive pain?

Pain is perceived when a variety of different stimuli sends a message through the nervous system and into the brain. The stimulant is often mechanical, such as pressure from a heavy object, a puncture from a needle, a burn, or a chemical irritant. Nerve endings sense the stimuli and send that message through neural pathways in the nervous system called nociceptors until received by the brain, where the pain is then perceived.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

Benefits of PEMF

Numerous studies have shown that pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) can reduce the firing of nerves, even if those nerves are severely damaged. The decrease in perceived pain can then aid bruised or swollen nerves in recovering.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields can also benefit the body as acupuncture does by stimulating endorphins and bringing about other hormonal changes that can aid in pain management.

PEMF devices can help reduce the swelling that can cause a buildup of natural chemicals that irritates nerves, and in turn, causes pain and an increase in local acidity. PEMF devices can even improve circulation to a swollen area of the body, resulting in a reduction of the chemical buildup and thus alleviating pain and swelling.

Pain Treatment

PEMF Studies

In studies done on both humans and animals, researchers found that PEMF devices can help alleviate pain equivalent to the degree that some prescription drugs can. Magnetic therapy can help with pain issues throughout several regions of the body, and in many cases, the entire body. Regular exposure to pulsed electromagnetic fields has linked to a reduced need for pain medication. In many cases, depending on the severity of pain, PEMF therapy can eliminate the need for pain medication.