Your Guide to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Have you been seeking a safe, natural therapy option for you or a loved one? The founders of LoveLifeEnergy were once where you are, and we were disappointed by the lack of accessible and affordable alternative treatment and recovery options. With an extensive knowledge of electrical engineering, we discovered pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF therapy) and found a way for everyone to incorporate it into their homes. Here, you can find answers to your top questions and more in-depth information on the effects and benefits of electromagnetic therapy. To experience it for yourself, order your LifeEnergy PEMF therapy device today!

What Is PEMF Therapy?

To talk about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, we first need to discuss the Earth’s electromagnetic field. We are constantly surrounded by naturally occurring electromagnetic fields, which benefit all living organisms. PEMF therapy replicates that natural phenomenon in the comfort of your home.

What Is PEMF?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a painless, non-invasive therapeutic method meant to further your exposure to frequencies that can help you live a healthier, more balanced, pain-free life. These frequencies pass through your body, penetrating every cell to stimulate electrical and chemical processes that are important to your inherent homeostasis. LifeEnergy has harnessed these electromagnetic fields so you can reproduce them with a simple at-home unit.

Why Is PEMF Treatment Important?

We mentioned the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and their benefits already. If you think about your day, however, how much exposure to those frequencies are you truly experiencing? We are separated from our natural environment by steel and concrete walls almost every hour of our lives, not to mention the layers of clothes and accessories like rubber-soled shoes that can further hamper our exposure to these therapeutic electromagnetic frequencies.

There are also other factors reducing our connection to the Earth. For one, its electromagnetic field appears to have weakened by 10% since the 1800s. Those frequencies also now have to compete with “dirty electricity” or “electrosmog” given off by the electronics all around us. This electrosmog is composed of stray, non-ionizing radiation given off by smartphones, Bluetooth and WiFi signals, smart cars, and more, and it can interfere with our bodies’ natural balance to affect important functions like sleep, metabolism, and more. PEMF treatment can not only strengthen your body’s natural state, but it can also help combat the effects of dirty electricity and the wear and tear of everyday life.

About LifeEnergy

The team at LoveLifeEnergy believes deeply in the therapeutic function of our PEMF device. As we mentioned, we discovered pulsed electromagnetic field therapy when seeking alternative recovery and rejuvenation options after a family member experienced a serious accident. PEMF devices were not easily available or affordable, so we took it upon ourselves to improve the quality of life for people everywhere.

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About PEMF Therapy Devices

With LifeEnergy, you can experience electromagnetic therapy wherever you are, whether it’s at home or at the office. We offer an affordable and accessible PEMF device that replicates the Earth’s magnetic field and can offer a number of health and wellness benefits.

The LifeEnergy PEMF Device

To use LifeEnergy, simply read the instructions and plug it in! It generates electromagnetic pulses similar to the Earth’s that vary in intensity and frequency throughout the day. Just as the Earth’s magnetic field fluctuates from day to night, the environmental sensor in LifeEnergy will detect light levels and automatically adjust to provide you with the optimal intensity levels of electromagnetic therapy — higher frequencies during the day for more energy, and lower frequencies at night to encourage rest and recovery.

How to Use Your LifeEnergy PEMF Device

The instructions for your home PEMF therapy device are simple. Plug it into a nearby outlet and stay within 1 to 15 feet for six to eight hours at least once a day to experience the best results. Think how often you spend time at work in front of a computer, stuck in a car, or otherwise confined without exposure to the natural world — offsetting that time with exposure to the LifeEnergy can help you find balance again!

Risks of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

There are no known risks of investing in PEMF treatments! There have been no negative side effects or risks recorded in association with using a PEMF therapy device, and electromagnetic therapy is not known to interfere with any other forms of treatment or therapies. In fact, PEMF therapy can complement other treatment methods you choose to pursue, including acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, osteopathy, and more.

Keep in mind that the LifeEnergy PEMF therapy device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. We are not offering medical advice and our unit is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment.

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Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

We’ve established that PEMF therapy devices replicate the Earth’s electromagnetic frequencies, but what does that mean for you and your health? In fact, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can provide a number of therapeutic benefits throughout your life to help improve your quality of life, your health, and your overall happiness. We’ve explained a few of the more popular PEMF benefits below.


Pain Relief

The sensation of pain is actually our brain’s interpretation of signals it receives from other parts of our body. These signals are typically triggered by an outside stimulus, such as a sharp object or sudden pressure, and they travel through your nervous system to reach your brain. Studies show that PEMF devices can help reduce the firing of these nerves to dampen your experience of pain.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can also provide effects similar to acupuncture, such as stimulating endorphins and hormonal changes to fight the experience of pain. In some cases, PEMF therapy has been shown to offer pain relief at the same level as prescription drugs, making it a safe and natural alternative. This is sure to come as a relief to the millions of Americans suffering from chronic pain and looking for answers other than medications.



We know that the human Circadian rhythm – our natural cycle of sleeping and waking – is influenced by brain signals. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can affect those signals to help you achieve longer, deeper, and more restful sleep. As we discussed earlier, the LifeEnergy unit adjusts the electromagnetic frequencies it emits to match the Earth’s natural day-to-night cycle. In the evenings, the lower frequency can help your body shift into “sleep mode” so you can avoid medication and actively work against disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea.


Reduced Stress

Many of us experience some form of stress on a daily basis, whether it’s getting cut off in traffic or making a mistake on a big project at work. Stress, unfortunately, is cumulative, and it can start to affect your health and wellness over time if you don’t have the proper time or techniques to recover. Many people turn to sunlight lamps to fight seasonal depression, so why not try a similarly easy solution to reduce stress and ease its effects on your body?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can address the parts of your body affected by stress, from specific organs and tissues to your immune or nervous system. The frequencies emitted by the LifeEnergy PEMF device can help repair the damage done by stress, and over time, long-term use may even make it possible for your body to remodel the hyperactive, hypersensitive cells that trigger your fight or flight response in ordinary situations. PEMF therapy can become a daily routine to help soothe your body and help you recover from the physical response to stress as well as the mental consequences.


Mental Health and Wellness

Your mental health is a real contributor to your physical health, and the good news is that the LifeEnergy PEMF therapy device can contribute to both. In fact, magnetic therapy for depression, OCD, and more has already been approved by the FDA! Known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, several companies have turned to electromagnetic frequencies to help stimulate nerve cells in the brain in a non-invasive way to alter a patient’s mood, soothe their obsessive thoughts or compulsions, and relieve migraines. These magnetic treatments are based on several randomized and double-blind studies, reinforcing the theory that electromagnetic therapy is a genuinely important option for those who don’t respond well to typical medications or psychotherapy.

The downside of these other magnetic therapy methods? Many of the devices used are higher intensity and can cause headaches, and they are not recommended for anyone with metallic devices or objects in or near their head, whether that means a stent or a simple hair barrette. LifeEnergy, on the other hand, is safe for everyone to use, and modulates the electromagnetic frequency it emits to match the natural cycle of your life from day to night.



One of the most incredible functions of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is its ability to support faster healing and recovery. There are a number of studies detailing the role of PEMF therapy throughout a patient’s recovery and how electromagnetic frequencies aid in not only pain relief, but also inflammation reduction, stimulated bone regrowth, tissue regeneration, and more. In fact, PEMF therapy has been FDA approved to assist in the healing of nonunion fractures since 1979!


Overall Health

Even if you aren’t struggling with a chronic condition, the overall effects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve your quality of life. Who couldn’t benefit from accelerated healing, reduced stress, better sleep, and improved internal balance? You can also experience increased energy, improved blood circulation, a stronger immune system, and more. See what it feels like to enjoy optimized physical and mental wellness, and see what LifeEnergy has to offer today!

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Disclaimer: Results depend on the proper usage of LifeEnergy and other factors like age, current health conditions, and more.