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Introducing an innovative and patented technology using pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy

What is PEMF?

Discovering the past, applications, and advantages of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)


Many advanced civilizations have embraced electromagnetic therapy for its incredible ability to restore and rejuvenate.


The outcomes of PEMF therapy can differ based on the duration of exposure, yet numerous individuals experience encouraging effects within just a week or two.


By integrating a Life Energy PEMF device into your daily routine, you can gradually witness its transformative effects. Over time, the electromagnetic frequency emitted by the device re-energizes impaired cells and revitalizes your body, bringing it back to its innate and vibrant state of well-being.

Regular use of PEMF therapy can bring benefits to individuals of all ages and body types.

Here are some ways in which PEMF therapy can benefit you:

    • Promotes better sleep and restoration
    • Enhances balance and stability
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Reduces pain and inflammation
    • Assists in healing and recovering from injuries
    • Helps alleviate the effects of stress and depression

The benefits most commonly experienced:

Exploring the applications of PEMF therapy


The extensive benefits of PEMF therapy can vary among different body types. However, some of the most commonly mentioned advantages include an increase in:

  • Boosted physical energy levels
  • Improved stability and body balance
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Increased tissue oxygenation
  • Promoted restorative sleep
  • Improved platelet adhesion
  • Enhanced nutrient absorption
  • Facilitated cellular detoxification
  • Maintained healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Enhanced immune system responsiveness

Enhancements for your daily life

Life Energy PEMF device offers significant enhancements to your daily life, but its ability to improve your body's healing and pain management during times of unexpected stress or injury makes it an indispensable tool.

The Life Energy PEMF device can aid your body in managing:

  • Bone, soft tissue, and muscle injuries
  • Healing and recovery processes
  • Pain resulting from injuries or aging
  • Inflammation
  • The effects of stress
  • Symptoms of depression


Scientific Research

The outcomes of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy may differ based on the duration of exposure to the device. On average, users can typically observe positive effects within the initial five to 14 days. Over time, as each area of your body harmonizes and collaborates, the Life Energy device can gradually unveil its benefits. This integration creates a more synchronized and efficient system, leading to an overall improvement in your well-being.

While improvements to your everyday life are the foundation of why the LE PEMF should be incorporated into your life, how it can improve your body’s ability to heal and cope with pain in times of unforeseen stress or injury make it indispensable.

Evidence of the healing power of magnets can be traced back to the historical records of numerous scientifically advanced civilizations. These records reveal that magnetic forces have been highly valued for their rejuvenating properties.


The Ancient Greeks made a remarkable discovery when they came across the first natural magnet known as the lodestone. Its healing abilities were recognized by Hippocrates, who is widely regarded as the father of medicine.


The writings of the Egyptians beautifully described the divine power attributed to magnets. Cleopatra, renowned for her desire to maintain youthful vitality, often adorned herself with magnetic jewelry as a means to preserve her beauty and radiance.


Chinese manuscripts, dating back thousands of years, contain descriptions of the Eastern belief that the life force, known as "qi," was believed to be generated by the magnetic field of the Earth.



Magnetic therapy is widely practiced in several countries, including Japan, China, India, Austria, and Germany. While modern American medicine relies on advanced tools like electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, and magnetic resonance imaging to assess magnetic fields, there is a growing body of American studies that explore the therapeutic potential of magnetic therapy.


The effectiveness of utilizing pulsed magnetic fields for healing various conditions, ranging from bone fractures to soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains, has been a topic of debate for a while. However, the practice has been gaining momentum, and positive outcomes are now being observed more frequently than ever before.


Since the 1970s, multiple scientific journals have published findings on the subject. Notably, the FDA has granted approval for the use of pulsed magnetic fields in the treatment of nonunion bone fractures that fail to heal naturally. In a more recent development, in 2008, the FDA approved the first magnetic pulse device for depression treatment. Additionally, NASA was awarded a patent in October 2009, acknowledging the potential of pulsed magnetic field therapy to enhance tissue repair in mammals.

What people are saying

I have been very pleased with the device “Life Energy” and can tell you it has made a difference in both my energy level and my neck pain.

I have been using the device for two months and do not experience the stiffness in my neck from a past surgery. In addition the device feels like it has eliminated the daily aches and pains of ordinary life allowing me to stay asleep throughout the night. I plan to keep using this amazing tool well into the foreseeable future because it has made a real difference in my life.

Thanks, John Laws

Age 59


Hi this is Ryan Jabbour and this is my testimonial on the Life Energy device that I’ve been using for the past three months. Approximately three months ago, I started using the life energy device currently about 8 to 12 feet away in my bedroom static on at all times, I have felt anywhere from 25 to 35 even 40% improvement in level energy in the last couple months. I had a bilingual hernia surgery in January 2013; my recovery has been very hard due to a nerve issue. After about one month of steady use of the life energy device, I would say my sleeping has definitely gotten better, my energy level has gotten better throughout the day and I definitely see improvement of my healing process .I still have a little bit of pain but the nerve pain compared to before is 50% relief of pain by using this device. I highly recommend this device if you have a questions or concerns please feel free to contact me again my name is Ryan Jabbour.

Best wishes, Ryan J.

Age 32

My name is Thomas Canizio. I am 48 years old, living in pompano beach, florida. Over the course of my adult life I put my body through a lot of stressful activity, most aggressively during my college football years, when I injured my knees and shoulders. Six months ago I contemplated seeing an orthopedic surgeon due to my arthritic conditions from my feet to my fingers, which was very painful. After hearing about the Life Energy devise, I chose to try it prior to last resort surgery. Approximately one week into the use of the device I started to feel less pain in my knuckles, allowing me to clinch a tighter fist and noticed quicker recovery and less fluid build up in my knees along with no more pain in my heels. An additional pleasant side effect is that I am getting more restful sleep. currently I play racquetball and study martial arts a few nights a week and I feel great. I have been using life energy for the past four months and attribute my current ability to it and don’t know what i would do without it.

Thank You, Thomas

Age 48

To whom it may concern,

I used the frequency of life portable product for a soccer injury I suffered. I used the product for one month. My muscle tear healed quicker than usual and I was back on the field in two short weeks. I also experienced greater energy and a clearer mind that I directly attribute to this great product. Buy with confidence this product works and is worth every penny!


Peter N. 

Age 47

As you know, I have been using your “Life Energy” device for several weeks now. I have it plugged into an outlet in my office, and now for the last couple of days, I also have another one in the bedroom.

I have been a heart patient for many years, having suffered a rather massive heart attack at an early age, and have subsequently undergone four (4) separate Cardiovascular surgeries over about a thirty (30) year period. The doctors have harvested veins and arteries from both of my legs and arms for the bypass grafts on my heart.

Needless to say I have at times suffered from congestive heart failure and I have had a pacemaker for about four year. Moreover, for many years I have had angina pectoris (chest pain) when walking very far, or too fast. I always carry nitroglycerine, which is a small tablet that dissolves under the tongue to relieve the angina.

I take my small dog ( a yorkie) for a walk each morning, and it was not unusual that I have had to use a nitro at some point during the walk. However, in the last two or three weeks, since using the Life Energy device, I have not experienced the angina that I had in the past. Also, I have noticed a marked difference in my legs, with considerably less stiffness and pain.

This is indeed, a remarkable device!

Philip H. Talbert

Age 82

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