Life Energy For Canines

When your dog suffers from pain, arthritis, joint disease, or even from allergies, you’ll do anything to help them feel better. Now, it’s easy to ease pain and inflammation from the comfort of your home using Life Energy, Pulse Electromagnet field (PEMF) for dogs. Where Life Energy is plugged in, you’ll find your dog’s new favorite spot.

Our furriest family members are benefiting from safe and effective treatment to aid in a wide array of ailments.

Canines are very responsive to PEMF. Including arthritis, injuries, wound healing, cancers, circulatory disease, fractures, spinal cord injuries, allergies, aging, and more, often resulting in reducing or eliminating the need for potentially harmful medications, yet perfectly harmless and safe enough to use in conjunction with traditional treatments.

PEMFs unique ability to pass through fur, skin, and bones non-invasively, reaching deep into the joints and muscles, stimulating circulation and healing while your dog feels nothing but relief. You’ll begin seeing your best friend gravitate towards all Life Energy unit, absorbing as many positive PEMFs as possible.

Your dog won’t know they’re getting therapy, but the relief they’ll feel is genuine. Pet owners will start to notice dramatic results within three weeks and almost immediate difference in their dog’s mobility, especially when getting up and while walking.”