Physical Recovery

Understanding muscle rehabilitation and what’s going on in your body will help you reduce the likelihood of injury, and you can maintain your new exercise routine well into the new year. Exercising muscles you haven’t used in a while is important to getting in shape, but if you don’t give a time of recovery or rest, you don’t really get the full benefit of your workout routine.


Due to its regenerative and performance enhancement effects for the whole body, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) has enormous benefits in sports medicine, as well as improving brain function and cognitive abilities. PEMF has numerous applications in the areas of sports counseling, occupational fitness, sports physical therapy, kinesiology, sports medicine, and bodybuilding.


Every time you exert these muscles, including your heart and lungs, you build stamina and become fitter than you were before you started this new workout regimen. And as you get used to exercising several times a week, you’ll start to see that you can handle more difficult workouts and that your overall fitness will improve visibly.


PEMF not only regulates brain chemistry but also maintains and strengthens neuronal reflexes that help to increase the response rate. Standing equilibrium experiments have shown that magnetic fields reduce tilt, suggesting improved pathways for homeostatic neuronal muscle regulation.