Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Tennis Elbow

Effectiveness of LoveLifeEnergy pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in lateral epicondylitis. While many people are familiar with the terms of these conditions, the awareness about how they vary is less universal. The tendons connecting the forearm muscles to the bone are injured by both lateral epicondylitis (tennis) and medial epicondylitis (golf).

The study results confirmed that pulsed magnetic therapy quickly reduces pain caused by so-called golf or tennis elbow. In the group that was treated with pulsed magnetic therapy, the pain was significantly reduced during exercise and when bending the wrist.

LoveLifeEnergy Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a traditional, non-invasive treatment used in different superficial soft tissues to treat pain. PEMF therapy is typically performed using a LoveLifeEnergy PEMF low-frequency field device that delivers non-thermal, non-ionizing pulsed electromagnetic energy to the treatment area without the need for surface or deep electrodes.


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