Life Energy PEMF for 2020

Life Energy PEMF for 2020


Begin 2020 pain free, with affordable drug-free alternative using PEMF therapy to help you alleviate your pain and improve your performance and recovery. When you feel better, life is better! 


Over the counter pain relief medication such as ibuprofen and paracetamol have long been a concern in sports, with many athletes, professional and amateur, over-using and misusing medication to keep injuries at bay. According to a poll for BBC’s State of Sport week, an alarming 60% of amateur athletes took over the counter anti-inflammatory to support their performance or recovery at least once a week, adding further fuel to the flames that “the use of painkillers in sport has reached epidemic proportions


Those numbers are staggering.  Here’s another one, 100 million people in the U.S. each year are affected by chronic pain, which is considered a contributing factor to over the counter medicine.


For those who live their lives dealing with chronic pain, the value of useful medication and surgical procedures are often a welcome alternative, but now there’s a fresh, innovative alternative to combat pain that has placed itself squarely into the conversation.


Life Energy it’s not a drug, it’s not invasive and it works.