Life Energy Patented PEMF Technology

Life Energy Patented PEMF Technology 


We are extremely excited about going in 2020 with another approved patent, claiming thirty eight methods in improving Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology. 


Patent: US10505993B1

Method and apparatus for regeneration, recovery and rejuvenation, of cells applying a low frequency electromagnetic pulse which is varied based on environment and/or body conditions.


Life Energy PEMF technology provided for healing and regeneration of live human and animal bodies and influencing interaction and intercommunication at the cellular level.




Patent: US9724535B1

Low frequency magnetic pulse variable resonator for actively influencing the interaction and intercommunication at the cellular level for biological organisms and molecular level of matter.


In addition Life Energy technology provided and electrical circuit can also be provided to produce a square or trapezoidal wave that is delivered to a transducer for application, preferably timed at specific frequencies Delta, Theta, Alpha, to Beta, based on information received from the one or more sensors.


What a better way to start the new decade?